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Pecard Leather Dressing and Leather Cream


Pecard Leather Dressing











Pecard Dressings and Creams are the best way to care for all of your leather goods. The Leather Dressing is best for the maintenance and preservation of your fine braided leather items. The Leather Cream works well on heavier leather goods or items that have been neglected and need to be restored.

Leather Dressing
Leather Cream

Whip Holders

These whip holders are great for taking a whip on your adventure. The design uses the whip's own weight to securely hold the whip in place. Available in Saddle Tan and  Brown (pictured.) Specify color and whip length. Our own production.  $25
Whip Length

Whip Bags

Whip Bags

Made to our specifications, these whip bags will fit up to 6 medium sized whips. They are large enough to accommodate the long (up to 21") handle of a stock whip. Construction is of cordura nylon, webbing handle, and a zippered accessory pocket on the outside. Colors are black, hunter green, and burgundy.
Dimensions are 22"x14"x4" 
$29.25 ea.




Poly-Pro Poppers

Red Poly-pro Poppers

Poly-pro poppers produce a good crack and are less prone to tangle than nylon poppers. A good choice for more complicated routines. Available in red. 

5 for $5.00


Nylon Poppers

Nylon Poppers

Nylon poppers are very durable and produce a good clean crack.

5 for $5.00


Popper Thread

Cracker Thread

Tie your own poppers with the same thread used by professionals.

This 1 pound (net weight) spool is size 138- Black and will yield between 500 and 600 crackers as we make them.



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