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In-Stock Whips / Specials

Check this page often for whips in-stock and ready to ship!


10' KOTCS Indy Bullwhip

This is a 10 foot kangaroo bullwhip made in the style of the Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull whip. The whip is whiskey color with brandy knots.  A more complete description can be found here. $800


Handmade by Joseph Strain.




4' Red and Black Signal Whip

This is an 8 plait red and black kangaroo signal whip that is just over 4 feet long not including the wrist loop. It has a heavy shot load and the popper is plaited in sections so that as it wears, it can be cut just below the knot on the worn section giving a new popper. Only 1 available. SOLD!

Handmade by Joseph Strain.




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