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Whip Care

Your whip should be dressed a minimum of twice a year. If used frequently the whip can be dressed as often as weekly.  A good way to tell if your whip needs dressing is when it starts feeling dry just like when your skin feels dry.

Use a good quality dressing. We recommend Pecard dressing. Apply the dressing working it in well with your hands and allow the whip to sit overnight in a warm place. About a teaspoon of the dressing should be adequate for the entire whip. Clean off any excess as it will attract dirt which can act as an abrasive if it gets between the braids.

The fall should have a dressing applied more frequently than the rest of the whip. Wiping it down will a small amount of dressing after each cracking session will make it last much longer than otherwise.

The fall of a whip is designed to be replaced fairly easily. If it should break down to a length shorter than 24 inches it should be replaced immediately. Failure to do so could result in damage to the whip.

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